FIRST and Google - Alumni

I was hoping they were going to announce Google FIRST - a dedicated website to FIRST using Google’s cloud storage and search engine. Imagine the capability to gather all of the information related to FIRST and have it hosted at a single location with links. Along with fee hosting of team pages etc.

You could have a page dedicated to photos, one for robot designs etc…

I’m not entirely sure what the partnership is going to be, they never mentioned anything.

Let’s get this thread going with ideas on how Google could make this happen, maybe if there’s enough interest they will make it work

If Google supports FIRST so much…why don’t they display the FIRST logo during the championship event? I believe displaying the logo their will exponentially expand knowledge of FIRST.

Great point, during the championship, they should change the Google font to robot picture etc like they do for holidays etc.

There’s some person in charge of the main Google page specifically at Google. They def. need to do it. Having that person on board would help.

Maybe the day before kickoff the google logo could be a final hint about the game, and clicking on it will link to the FIRST website.