First and Only

So far Team 66 from ypsilanti mi has been the only robot to place a vision tetra on to a goal during auto mode at Great lakes regional so far we have done it three times all in practice yesterday,today they thught that they would change code on us and not tell us til the end of our last match . If your team or any team that you know has done so please feel free to let us know thanks

good job.

i would love to see some video

check out this thread…

I salute you.

We had some trouble with calibration on the camera.

I found the documentation FIRST provided for the camera (I had been using the information CMU had online) and it had different definitions for the camera registers than I had been coding with! :eek:

Hopefully we can get it tracking tomorrow.

In our experience at the Central Florida Regionals, the calibration numbers (at least for green) were frantically incorrect. They were giving us a 35 for the UCF arena when we had been running a 34 in our deserted warehouse with floodlights. Our camera couldn’t see a tetra stuck right in its face.

We guessed at 40 and saw a glimmer. At 45, we were able to discern tetras.

I really don’t think they know how to get good calibration and it is way too sensitive to minor changes in lighting. My best suggestion is to experiment.

The only way have been able to deal with it is to ship the critical tracking data out the dashboard port via the 6 user bytes, catch them with a custom program, and graphically display the rectangles via Windows.

Good luck to you!

Lynn (D) - Team Voltage 386

PS. So, did you actually cap a vision tetra in a non-practice match today?

Actually, I hadn’t even considered this. I’ll have to raise the calibration values. We found a 25 in our gym on an overcast day, and they gave us 25 for the well lit stage. The tetras they have are much darker, though.

Which match was this in? I was there!!! lol, I hate missing the good stuff! :smiley:

We are gonna cap at trenton =)

GJ on being the first tho

So I changed the calibration values I used from 25 to 40, and our vision code worked. Robot drove towards the tetra just great twice. I think the encoders or a pot is broken, and our autoshutdown code kicked in. Gotta work on it for Philly.

Congrats to Team 66 on capping with the vision tetra today in autonomous, and on winning the Great Lakes Regional! Way to go Flyers!

hey thanks guys for all the thanks we won today and had a total of 4 times(cappedin auto) 3 in practice and one in finals our aliance went 6-0 and one do-over match because the ref’s shut down team Hot and it was a mistake so anyways thanks and it looks like the tiki gets closer and closer to us it’s so close i can taste it (i dont mean to brag) Travis

When are you guys next regionals? We’re expecting to cap in Trenton.

West Michigan is next on our list.

Anywho, as final confirmation, I would like to make sure everyone knows that we did get 1 vision tetra onto a side center goal today in match 2 of our quarterfinal. However, I would love to know who else has done this colossal feet at another regional, so PM me if you have.