First Annual MN Robotics Shindig:

Hey all:
The Robettes would like to remind everyone/ extend an invitation to everyone that the First Annual MN Robotics Shindig will be occurring this year during the MN Regional at the Mall of America. We invite all teams to come to the Mall of America in MN for this super fun event.

Where: This event will be held in Nickelodeon Universe Amusement Park in the Mall:

Time: 7 pm (The Robettes extend an invitation to meet us in the food court near the ferris wheel up on the third floor for dinner at 6:30 pm).

Amount of Money: The price for unlimited robo bonding and never ending robotics fun will be $15 dollars per person.

What: We will be bonding in Nickelodeon Universe, going on rides and hanging out with each other --> The 15 dollars will go to the unlimited ride wristband for the rides in the park!
This event is open to participants in both regionals! The more teams the merrier!
Thanks all and hope to see you all there!!!

You may want to include which day of the regional this will be (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday). Also, you may want to post this on the MN FIRST Regional site forum or pass it along to Edina (1816) so that the information can be cross posted on If you did that, Mark Lawrence would hear of it as well and he might be able to send an email to all the teams attending. I am sure that there will be a number of teams that will be glad you are setting this up. Thanks!


Mark has already sent an email out to team contacts with information about this event.

Posting it on the regional web page or at least the regional forum is a great idea and this has not yet been done.

Thanks for the information Kevin. I am not coming up with a team, so that is why I did not know that Mark sent anything. I will send a note to the webmaster of the site as a friendly reminder.

Information about the Robettes’ “Shindig” (Friday, April 3, 2009) is posted on the MN Regional homepage. The Robettes are asking for the “courtesy of a reply,” and need to finalize plans by February 25. Thanks to the Robettes for hosting the first-ever MN Regionals team social!

Team 2062, The C.O.R.E. will be there in full strength.

We are expecting to bring 25 students.

If any more teams have decided they are coming, this would be really helpful to know asap. Right now we have 14 teams that have replied yes. If any other teams are coming, please let me know. :slight_smile: