First annual St. Louis Regional bottle flip competition!

**Hello to all competing teams at the 2017 St. Louis regional!

Some friends and I from team 3397 the Robolions will be hosting the first annual St. Louis Regional competitive bottle flip competition!

Each team may submit 1 person to compete in “First to 5” the game we will be playing

Winner will receive a prize which is currently tbd.**

The game being played is called “First to 5”

Rules are as follows:

Required game items:
A standard Powerade or Gatorade bottle filled only ⅓ of the way or less (a specific bottle and filling amount has to be agreed to by both players and may not be changed after the first flip)
A table small enough to allow 2 players to sit across from each other, facing each other.

Gameplay set-up rules:

“First to 5” is played by 2 people at one time.
Both players sit directly across from each other at a table facing each other to the front.
Players must be sitting down

To Start a game of “First to 5”:
The winner of one single shoot of classic rock, paper scissors decides who gains possession of the bottle first (not best 2 out of three). Only In the result of a tie may another round of rock paper scissors may be played in order to decide starting possession.

Official game rules:

Player 1 (winner of rock paper scissors), starts with the bottle and attempts to complete a flip.

(a “flip” means: throwing the bottle upwards and releasing the bottle completely from your hand so that the bottom of the bottom of the bottle completes at least 1 full 360+ degree rotation through the air in any chosen direction before landing on the table)

No one may touch the bottle until it’s motion is completely stopped or you will be immediately disqualified from the game.

If player 1 completes a flip he/she is granted 1 more flip. If he or she does not complete a flip, bottle possession is transferred to player number 2. The same rules apply to player number two.

(a completed flip means that: 1. the flip satisfies the definition of rule #1, 2. The bottle has landed in an upwards position such that the bottom of the bottle is all that is contacting the table, 3. The bottle has landed on the specified game table, flips that fall off of the table and land anywhere else, floor, chair etc. do not count even if the bottle does land upward).

The first player to reach 5 flips (in a row or or altogether, whichever occurs first), is finished with regulation game flipping.

Once 5 completed flips are made by a player, the other player is given one more opportunity in which he or she must complete all flips in a row remaining in order to reach 5 completed flips.

If the player misses any flips before reaching 5 the player with less than 5 loses.

In the event that the player makes enough flips in a row to tie the game at 5, the game goes into overtime.

The first player to reach 5 completed flips in regulation gains possession in overtime first and must to complete 1 flip (rules for missing a flip still apply).

The other player must complete 1 flip to stay in the game.

If the original player misses the first flip in overtime the possession is transferred to the other player who must complete 1 flip.

A player must complete a flip and the next player must miss one for a win to occur in overtime.

For example:

Player 1.- completes 1 flip then misses the next
Player 2.- then takes possession and completes three flips and then misses.
Player 1.- misses
Player 2.-takes possession and completes 2 flips. Player 2 now has a score of 5 and is finished with regulation flipping
Player 1. Takes possession and completes 4 flips in a row to tie the game at 5.
Player 2. Completes one flip and transfers possession
Player 1. Completes a flip
Second Overtime:
Player 2. Misses a flip and transfers possession
Player 1. Completes a flip
Player 2. Misses

Player 1 is the winner!

We will be hosting the competition either during lunch of the first day of qualifications or the team social at the SLU student center the same night.

I will be creating a registration list soon, if you would like to submit a player from your team, respond to this thread, shoot me a pm or email me at: [email protected]

I will begin creating a bracket as soon as we have multiple participants registered.

(Feel free to use the “First to 5” format in a competitive bottle flipping competition at your regional or district event, just acknowledge that “I_AM_Clayton” is the creator of “First to 5”).

1640 would love to be the first to sign up!

Please hold while I hydrate a bed covering…

Have you run this by anyone involved with the regional? Because it sounds like you’re talking about taking up somewhere between some and a lot of space to throw bottles filled with liquid an into the air. I can think of several objections the Regional Director and Safety Advisors would have with this situation.

In short, my bracket for your competition is everyone loses.

ie. Pray they have outside picnic tables and don’t throw liquid in the same building as $4000 robots~ PLEASE

Sounds like your team has a lot of free time.

Can you enter a robot?

That’s just awesome :ahh:

Is this the St. Louis Regional or the St. Louis Half-Championship? (For clarity: the title says Regional, but you have a team volunteering that isn’t attending the regional but could attend the HC.)

I mean it’s robotics, right? Why not?

No, we haven’t contacted anyone involved with the regional but, we don’t plan to hold this inside of the venue. If possible I believe we will hold it at the team social in the St. Louis University student center which is 2-3 blocks away from the venue.

We don’t but, this was a project that a friend and I came up with before kickoff. I just decided to make it public somewhat early to get people signed up.

This is the St. Louis Regional event in March, we might be willing to host one at the St. Louis championship in April. Also, what do you mean when you say “but you have a team volunteering that isn’t attending the regional but could attend the HC” ?