FIRST Appreciation Post

I’m sitting here, about three pages into some calc and I couldn’t help but think “Wow. This FIRST thing is pretty cool.”

So thank you, to everyone. You changed my life. I’m grateful.

FIRST Staff - you are pretty cool. Thanks for making all this work.

Dean - thanks for the advice… you were not wrong.

Woodie - I miss you. We need you still.

_______ - Thanks for being so fun and kind (-Blue Shirt) (you know who you are)

To everyone reading this feel free to leave a positive message :slight_smile:



I’m really grateful for FIRST. It gave me a place to find myself in High School, a community and a fun activity to do in college, and a job I love, impacting thousands of students, and the opportunity to move across the globe to an epic city, upon graduation. :heart:


I think that the infamous “TSIMFD” sums up my feelings about FIRST quite nicely.

I joined my team freshman year thanks to a bandmate plugging it and it quickly became the thing I wanted to keep doing more and more in high school. It’s been an awesome three years and the fourth’s gonna be even better.

Besides just having a great time going “omg! robots”, I’ve met a ton of awesome people thanks to participating in FRC. They’ve taught me a whole lot of stuff and I’m incredibly grateful for all of them.


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