First article in Lego Magazine

Yesterday I got the July-August issue of the Lego Magazine and on page 25 there was an article about the FIRST Lego League. It talked about the competition, what it was, and how for new teams to get strarted.
Does anyone else get the Lego Magazine and saw this. It is an interesting article. If am ever able to I will scan the article onto a computer and post it here, or if someone else has it and can scan it in to their computer that could work also.

If you can scan the page, great and thanks.

Is the magazine article also posted on a web site?


I would like to make a scan, but I have no working scanner. If I find one that works I will scan it in. There is nothing about the article on the Lego website that I can find. Maybe someone else gets the magizine or has a younger (or older) sibling who gets the Lego Magizine.

I have gotten that magazine practically my whole life, maybe i could scan it !

If i can locate it!!! My little 5 year old Brother must have put it somewhere

I too have got Lego magazine my whole life. and it’s right here in front of me. I read the 1-page summary of FLL, and there’s nothing special. Everything is on the FLL website (