FIRST at a glance, through the years

I’m looking to collect some data that FIRST has traditionally provided in their “FIRST at a glance” end of year reports. Does anyone have a collection of those through the years?

I’ve been able to use webarchive to get 2020-2016. I found Mark McLeod’s copies of 2009 and 2010 on

Any other places y’all know of where I might find some of this old information?

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See if this archive has anything. looking in my local files, i have files that are labeled “AtAGlance” for both FRC/FTC spanning from 2006 to 2012, but I dont see a 2008 one offhand.

I can get a better look at whats on the drive later today, and upload ones that arent already on there. Ive been meaning to update it too with other files ive found…

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I probably have more of them in my local archives.
I’ll search a little later, we’re playing board games around here at the moment.


downloaded and went through the archive, and it looks like only 2006 was in there. If you upload the others, that’d be great. Thanks!

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looks like i have 2006, 2007, 2010, and im fairly sure any annual report (or in the case of 2015, “season recap”) thats been uploaded has most of the info that the “at a glance” ones have. Should be uploaded now, along with a ton of other documents i hadnt gotten around to adding.

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Here are:

I think that fills in all your holes doesn’t it?

I don’t remember At-A-Glance existing in 2005 and earlier. FRC just issued the Summary’s without as much information.

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Thanks to you both, I’ve got a pretty complete picture. For anyone curious, I have it here:

2012 has a pretty big discrepancy between the annual report and at a glance for the FTC/FLL/FLL Jr teams, but overall it feels reasonably complete enough to have some conversations

This is largely to help guide a discussion with team about sustainability vs growth, so I appreciate it. Whenever I get it all together and we have our discussion about it, I’ll post all what I used in here in case anyone else wants it for anything. It won’t be groundbreaking by any means, and I plan on using lots of Marks graphs for retention/loss/new and average age of teams lost.

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Le me know if you need my help with any updates of my graphs.
I think they’re all available as spreadsheets that you can update or refocus them yourself to support your points

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Turns out this exists:

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