FIRST at Maker Faire Detroit

Mentioned on the website… FIRST teams at Maker Faire Detroit

Very cool, and an awesome place to pick up new mentors.

I have to disagree with the “The sounds of pneumatics firing almost drowned out the crowd noise from the spectators gathered around the arena.” comment in the article. I stopped by twice, once during some downtime and once during a match, and during the match I a) couldn’t get close enough to really see the game being played (HUGE crowd!), and b) couldn’t hear the robots at all. Well done, teams.

On a side note, 1189 was not participating in the matches, but had their robot outside in the courtyard where kids were able to drive the robot and lift up tubes using an iPad. They loved it.

It was nice to be indoor when it was over 90 degrees outside. Last year we did it outside under a tent and it was hot.

It was a lot of fun to see the crowd really got into it and the reaction when a robot was almost scoring a tube and dropped it. One team got overly excited and got into a pushing match with another team. The crowd loved it. Unfortunately they fried their CIMS motor, magic smoke released, smoke alarm got triggered and we got a visit with fire trucks.