FIRST at the New York State Fair

This past Saturday, I went for my first time to the 2008 New York State Fair in Syracuse. I had a great time working at the FIRST booth as a representative of team 694(Stuyvesant H.S.) and an even greater time just enjoying the fair. As you can see in one of the pictures in the Word document attachment, I was able to touch baby chicks in the 4H building, which also housed the FIRST booth. I was involved mainly with the Vex robots because prior to the fair I had built 4 of them, but there were was an FLL Station and FRC station too. I enjoyed teaching the kids how to control the robot and then in the off times I got to do fun things like feeding giraffes, llamas, and goats as well as seeing a bear demonstration in which the bear shot a basketball into a hoop. All in all, it was a superb experience and with teams 250, 340, 145,191,2265,145, and 578 we even had fun as we worked. I need to thank Regional Director Ana Martinez for organizing this event and all the other people who helped to make this event possible. What we need for next year though is more teams and more volunteers so that we can create an even bigger impression on the kids visiting our booth and just so that more people like me can experience going to a State Fair. Here’s a link to the NY State Fair site:

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worddocpic.doc (2.6 MB)

Any idea how they got teams involved this year? We got asked last year, but didn’t this year, so we didnt know FIRST was going to be there again (until we saw the XCats putting together posters a few days before). I would think if they want more teams involved they just need to ask…

I know 578 was there running the booth today. I think you’d have to get in contact with Ana Martinez to get involved. We have pictures of us and the Iron Maidens running the booth yesterday here.

I wish I still had some say in 174 and have them get more involved with these activities. Its a 15 minute drive to the fair, haha.

For many teams the off season is really off season.
At least they had a display there.

I can try and ask the student on our team who set us up with it this year. We had tried last year to attend the NYS fair and were unsuccessful, but we had a contact that we used this year to find out about the booth. That being said from what I heard the booth was very successful and our members had fun!

It turns out we found out because we had Ana’s email from an email she sent about the 07 booth. anayz at aol dot com. We emailed her in June and got the info we needed near the end of June. You should be able to contact her with that.

I believe I got an e-mail in May from Ana about it. We had a teleconference. If you signed on to the teleconference you continued getting e-mails.

How do we get on Ana’s distribution list then?

I was there Monday, September 1st and I saw T-RX(145) there! Great showing by all teams!

Yep 145 was there (I was not), I think they also saw Ted Nugent (can’t spell) or that was talk about something they wanted to do. I dont remember what day he was going to be there.