FIRST BAA's Website Presentation - Tips on Developing an Award Winning Site

As part of FIRST Baltimore Area Alliance’s training day this past weekend, we gave a presentation covering the aspects of website design. (Or rather, Bill Duncan and Mike Dennis presented, I help write it.)

It covers:

  • What judges look for in a site
  • What you should include on the site
  • The best way(s) to build your site
  • Resources to make your site awesome
  • General guidelines

It’s available here:

It’s not quite as complete as I would like (I ran out of time), but I think it still covers a fair bit. If anyone has any questions/tips/comments, I’d like to get a good discussion going here. I can also update the presentation. Feel free to PM or email me too, and I can provide feedback on your site design prior to actual judging.

(Disclaimer: I served as website evaluator and adviser, and will probably do so again for 2012.)

Presentation is also linked, along with the others, from the mdfirst site here:

Thanks for this great resource!