FIRST Badges - Programming

Our team is looking to use the FIRST badging system as a guide for our members. We like all the ones that are provided. However, there are no resource sheets for programming. I am going to attempt to write my own. What are some things you think someone in level 1/2/3/4 should know? Especially levels 1 and 2; I want to help our kids get started.

I’ve programmed for a while but do not think I have the wisdom and experience so far to make something like this. Thought I would send it out to you guys!

You can check the examples they have here: Mentor Resources – FIRST Badges

e.g Here is electrical level 1:


Post champs if you ping Allison on 3538 I am 100% certain she has something for this. She’s just a bit busy with her clown army this week.


Thank you! I will do that and if I get something I’ll post it here

I have gotten a resource through Ozone Robotics (4611) that I took and designed badges for. I will be making a new post to get feedback on it :slight_smile:

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