FIRST Badges rubrics

Hi all! I figure this is a longshot, but does anyone have copies of the FIRST Badges rubrics for each of the badges and levels? Website:

Our team is actively compiling a skill-building curriculum, and we want to use FIRST Badges as our foundation. Their website is not currently working, unfortunately.

So, I thought I’d reach out to the Chief Delphi community at large and see if anyone has a copy of the all the rubrics sitting in their team’s Google Drive, or such, that they could send me a copy of? We would really, really appreciate it!



Hey there! So I know that @JuliaGreen from FRC 33 worked on this project. You should be able to reach her at if you have any questions on it!


Thanks for sharing Julia’s email address. I have not had any luck making contact. Given the world right now, that’s not surprising.

If anyone else has access to the FIRST Badges rubrics, please let me know!

Does this page have what you need? If not let me know and I’ll try to help you out.

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YAY!! Thank you! I’ve been checking the site periodically and it hasn’t been working. That page is exactly what I have been looking for. I had given up on it!!