FIRST before there was a FIRST

Congrats to Woodie for being the lead story on today’s MIT website.

FIRSTers world-wide should enjoy reading about their origin.

Woodie’s work led the way for many engineering education programs to recognize the value of hands-on engineering/learning, and we are all better for his leadership.

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I have had chance to meet Woodie and he is a great and
enthusiastic champion of FIRST and engineering education
all around. Kudos to Woodie for making the first page!

Another thing you may be interested in is this

Its the Jerry Sanders Competition and you will find it started
about 5 or 6 years before FIRST and embodies all the stadium
sports oriented aspects of FIRST.

You can see them compete at the University of Illinois
Champaign Urbana campus at Engineering Open House this March.

Hope you enjoy the video.


Thanks for posting this to remind us all where we “come from”. Someday I may find adequate words to describe the collective impact that Woodie, you, and Dave have had on an entire culture through your vision, passion, and commitment.

This is a “must read/view” for participants in all programs.