FIRST Blast: 2004 Autodesk Software Information!

Greetings Teams:

Once again Autodesk has generously gifted FIRST with software donations to teams. The software will be available for shipment within the next 10 days, and will consist of the items listed below.
Autodesk Inventor Professional 7 - 3D mechanical design software that includes Autodesk Inventor and Mechanical Desktop, and adds specialized technology for electrical and mechanical design (one copy)
3ds max 6 - the latest version of this modeling, animation and rendering solution used by the world’s top 3D artists and designers (one copy)
One DVD that contains the animations from the 2003 season.

IMPORTANT Rookie Teams - if FIRST has already received your $500 deposit, Autodesk will be shipping to you shortly. For those rookie teams that have not sent in a deposit for the EDU robotics kit, please do so in order to have both sets of items shipped to you. Payment options included: mailing a check to FIRST Finance, 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH 03101 or calling 603-666-3906 ext. #414 or #415 to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

Go Teams!

dances the happy dance

Ah that sounds so cool. :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll be able to work with Inventor this year!