FIRST Blogs (as inspired by FIRST)

In case if you didn’t know FIRST added “how to make a team blog” on their website in which you use Blogspot from Google. I was wondering what other teams’ blogs are. If this has already been discussed I am sorry, I couldn’t find it in the search. Anyway, my team used the blogspot for the Vex team and we are and our official team blog can be read at (sorry that one hasn’t been updated in awhile)

Team 399

Carl Hayden High School, Falcon Robotics, Team 842

According to FIRST, those Google blogs they offerd for teams to create there are blogs from team 8 Paly Robotics ,48 Delphi & Harding HS ,75 J&J/Hillsborough HS ,159 Alpine Robotics ,191 Xerox / Wilson X-CATS ,204 E.R.V. 357 Upper Darby HS ,395 McGraw/&Morris Campus ,451 DANA/The Cat Attack ,811 BGHS & Raytheon ,812 UCSD & PREUSS ,1730 Team Driven and 1909 PATH.
Truth be told FIRST must be pretty disappionted that out of only a thousand teams only these few bothered to create blogs for them.

There’s several teams which have their team blogs listed at FIRST Blogs @ (and not on the FIRST List). Not all of them use Google’s services or have chosen to create a photoblog. It’s probably worth clarifying that unlike the official FIRST listing that site has blogs of individuals, too (not just teams).

Creating an easier to browse listing by team number (in addition to just the by name one that’s already there) for that site is on my TODO list. That being said, G]( comes to mind; their subteams each have their own blogs.

P.S. In case you’re wondering; this was started before FIRST announced the Google project thing.

I don’t know if this is on FIRST blogs, (I submitted it but I wasn’t sure how to search for it), but here is my VEX blog.
Our team has a newsletter - click on the newsletter links. Currently in discussion is a pod cast.

As long as we are telling the truth here, after reading some of the individuals’ blogs that I navigated to, I’m dissapointed with the language and content of some of them and I’m sure FIRST is happy that NOT more of them have been started.

Maybe FIRST (or whoever is hosting the blogs, GOOGLE??) should moderate them and not post them until the language is cleaned up. I’m not a prude by any measure but, let’s just say there would be a lot of upset grandmothers.

I believe that would defeat the purpose of a blog. To me, a blog is a place where a person (or group) is free to express whatever they wish.
If the blog is an official team blog, it should be the responsibility of the team, and team only, to run it as they see fit.
Many of the blogs on are not official team blogs, nor do they claim to be. They are blogs of individuals on teams.