I have been searching for blogs about FIRST or FIRST with related topics (e.g. science, technology, engineering, eduction, etc.)

I know of Bill’s Blog and a few others. Just wondering if there are any other FIRST bloggers out there.

I’ve been writing a FIRST blog for a while, just wanted to see what others might be doing.


JVN has a cool blog, it’s a combination of VRC, FRC, Motorcycles and design. The design stuff is the central theme and he’s covered some interesting points. Well worth reading.

I run a FIRST Robotics group on LinkedIN that has tons of FIRST related information posted. You’re welcome to check it out:

Well I’m not really up to date with it in the off-season, but I do try to (when time permits in the craziness of Build season) to document how my experience during Build season is going. Links in my Signature.

Not mine but it is an enjoyable read.

Chris, if you have a problem with me publicizing this let me know.

Quite the contrary, now I have an excuse to make a bunch of posts.

I would second reading JVN’s blog. I learn something every time I pull it up.

I don’t post a lot of technical stuff, but my blog revolves around FIRST in and out of the build season…

I used to post a lot of videography techie stuff too. **

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I’m keeping an eye on all of these blogs now.

My blog is at:

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

I just started my own blog a while ago and recently made it public. It’s like an engineer’s journal for me, where I can save anything cool and inspiring, but other people can check it out too. I’ll post FIRST stuff and it might be helpful to inspire mechanisms or designs for FIRST robots.

As for non-me :), I’d highly suggest

Thanks for the link RoboMaster; very cool blog!

Thanks! I’m happy you like it. I follow a bunch of other blogs and websites, plus I like reading cool science/engineering books from the library, so that’s where I get some of my ideas.

Wow guys thanks so much for these links!!! I’m doing a blog on technical innovation and FIRST and whatnot for my senior project, so these have given me some great research ideas!! I’ll post my link once I get it up and running. I just need to get my project approved. That should happen within the next few weeks.

If you are interested in FLL, there is now an FLL blog. Also Ken from FTC blogs.

so I only have an introduction posted now, but it will grow weekly!!! if anyone has any ideas as to what you’d like me to add (I’ll do the research on suggested topics!) Please let me know!

Also, I would love if anyone could follow. The “effectiveness” portion of the grading will be based on how many followers/comments I have. Thanks!

The link is:

Here’s another

It’s my blog which will have some FIRST related stuff on it once build season gets going.