First Bom

When will FIRST post the 2003 BOM and
how much does it usually cost?

The one thing to keep in mind is that FIRST has never said that they would be releasing a BOM this year…now, that could mean that it’s not needed, or that they decided not to do it, or they just overlooked it…I’ll see what I can find out…

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by BOM. Last year, there were two BOMs.

I assume (as Nate did) that you are referring to the BOM for the goal. FIRST released this before kickoff. The link for that is available:
As you can see, it cost about $250 to build them with the exact same parts. There were three of them on the field, so to build all three, even using thier “cheap” option would run $500. We do not know if FIRST will release a BOM for the field this year, as there hasn’t been any announcement, and how much it will cost if they do.

The other BOM is one that teams provided FIRST listing the parts used on the robot. This has been required, in someway or another every year I have been involved, except for 2002. In fact, it was required until part way through the last build period, when FIRST said that it wouldn’t be required.

I spoke to FIRST about this on Friday. The person I spoke to said they were not sure they were going to release an early BOM for any field components.

If they haven’t released one by now, they probably won’t. Which doesn’t mean I’ll stop checking after all it’s only a probability.

But they said earlier that they would be releasing Updates on Tues and Fri. This Tuesday is New Years Eve. I don’t think anything of importance is going to happen then. Friday is the day before KickOff. I don’t think it will make any difference at that point.

I guess we’ll just have to continue the speculation without any further fuel from FIRST

FIRST recommend that all teams bring a luggage dolly
with a capacity of 150 lbs.

The combined weight of the three KIT boxes
is definitely over 110 lbs.!
Two of the boxes (one red and one blue)
is the standard size shipping box from
previous years.

(… and NO don’t know what’s inside)


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