FIRST Book - Time to Get Published!

Now that the regionals are over, there should be time for teams to prepare their entries for publication consideration in the FIRST Book: Robots - Behind the Design.

The regional (and championship) winners of the:
• Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award
• General Motors Industrial Design Award
• Motorola Quality Award
• RadioShack Innovation in Control Award
• Xerox Creativity Award
might want to look at some of Rockport Publishers other material to guide their submissions.

Images from the book Design Secrets illustrate the format, style and focus of Rockport Publications.

Teams that use a variety of images and styles to complement text that fully describes the design process (from concept to prototype to final design) should be most competitive for publication. Since the book will be based on material that teams submit, it is essential that teams provide the author with detailed information and images, including hand sketches, CAD drawings, and photographs.

Feel free to post ideas on material that could be submitted for consideration so that collectively a great batch of material is available to Rockport Publishers.

Team 70 and Team 494 have been busy writing technical essays on the Motorola Quality Award, Radio Shack Innovation in Control Award, and The Xerox Creativity Award as they pertain to our robot and it’s design. Also we have reviewed hundreds of digital photos taken during the 6 week build process and have narrowed things down considerably. The photos will be used to help give vivid illustration to the text. It’s actually quite a lot of work. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Geesh… even if 648 would have won one of those awards, we would not have had enough material to submit. Lack of responsible people stinks. I think we had maybe 50 useable pictures of the build season and even less from competition? Now last year… we had over 5000 pictures of both competitions. LOL. Way to go Lacey, everyone but I complained about the number of pictures.