FIRST Bracket Challenge: Atlanta 2009

the FIRST Bracket Challenge for the 2009 Championship Event

just follow these simple steps to play

Play from Atlanta

Fill out a bracket after alliance selections on Saturday morning, and hand it in to me by 1PM (I’ll be wearing a Banana hat and will be roaming around where it will be easy for people to find me)

Play from home

Fill out your bracket live from the comfort of your computer, just post your bracket here on this thread by 1PM EST (don’t cheat by clicking that edit button)

Points Breakdown

Guess 1 of the __________ correct, you get _________ points added to your total
Divisional Quarterfinals = 2 (32 Possible Points)
Divisional Semifinals = 4 (32 Possible Points)
Divisional Finals = 8 (32 Possible Points)
Einstein Semifinals = 32 (64 Possible Points)
Einstein Finals = 64 (64 Possible Points)

Perfect Score would be a 224

I’ll have scores up by Monday

If you need a blank bracket to print out, you can find one here


Why do we have two of these going on? Seems a little redundant.

This seems like a great idea, thanks for starting this!