FIRST Cad Library used to provide CAD models for plenty of legacy parts, but it’s down now. Does anyone have a backup of its files/can share it with me?


Seriously I relied on this site for some random parts. I had to draw a p80 gearbox myself because I couldn’t find the CAD model anywhere.

Try this out. Also, I’ve accumulated a pretty large library of STEP and IPT files, most of them still relevant in FRC. I’d be happy to share my library, although it’ll probably take a while to upload everything.

EDIT: Made a dropbox account (yeah, I’ve made it this far without dropbox) and I’m currently uploading around 1200 CAD files, including the entire 2014 KOP, the new control system, a lot of miscellaneous Vex things, and some pneumatic stuff. Most of the useful files from firstcadlibrary are also in it.

You can also try this library created by my team. It’s not identical to FIRST CAD Library, but has lots of useful parts .

I let the domain expire (again). But this time, I think I’ll let it go for good. Firstcadlibrary had served it’s purpose years ago in a time when there were few sources for quality CAD parts. These days, there are many sources for these same models and it doesn’t make much sense to continue to fund the FCL. I appreciate all of you who have used FCL over the years and given me your positive support. It’s a bit emotional to let go because it was my 15 minutes of fame … I’ll just have to find something else to help the masses.

Thanks all!

Could you upload all the files to grab cad or something?

Sorry about the terrible organization, but much of the FCL library is peppered throughout my library: