First cad parts library

Is the first cad library out of order

Are there any other sites were i can get first cad parts from

I was wondering the same thing…

You know what would be cool. If we had a site like first cad library but one that everyone could contribute to. If you draw a part that someone else could use then you would up load it for anyone’s use. Kindda like this website ( He has parts that others have drawn and leaves them on his site so anyone can use them. What do you think?


I’de say that’s a great idea.

If anyone has models of the motors/trannies that comes in the kit, I’d love to get ahold of em. I mean, is the library expected back?

does any one know whatsgoing on with the firstcad library

or where i can get parts from


Where’s the site???

I could use some parts. Particularlly motors…hmmm…yeah

I think I might still have a lot of the Buzzsaw files from last year on the team’s CAD computer… if someone reminds me this weekend, I’ll see if I could get ahold of them. I’m sure other people have these files on their computers, though.

I am really interested in this and I think I might be able to get some support on it from my team. It might be able to go along with another project we are doing for our website this year. Is there enough interest in making a First Cad Donation Site or something of that sort that I should look into it?

here is a pm from Ed Sparks, the creator of the FIRST CAD Library:

"Originally Posted by dez250
hey is the first cad library going to be back online, or has it gone belly up and wont be brought back for future use?

Michael Dessingue

My service provider must be having problems, I’ll look into it.



So i am guessing from the pm, that the site is down due to technical difficulties and will be back up soon…

You know what would be cool. If we had a site like first cad library but one that everyone could contribute to. If you draw a part that someone else could use then you would up load it for anyone’s use

I have struggled with this since I published the FirstCadLibrary …

I’ve always wanted to open this library to all that wanted to contribute. On the plus side, it would allow speedy delivery of a greater number of models to the FIRST community. It would also give others the joy I experience of contributing something useful that all teams can use and appreciate.

… But there is a down side …

I haven’t been able to resolve the issue of integrity and accuracy. I feel personally responsible for these models. I use the models myself in our designs and I need to know that I can cut a piece of metal using these things and it will be right. I can’t get to a comfortable place publishing other folks work without reviewing and possibly modifying that work to meet the standards I demand of myself. Some models may come in that are very good while others may be below standard. Who am I to judge and modify your work and put your name on it. How can I choose which shoulder bolt model is best and deny the others? And if I publish all the shoulder bolt models … well just how many models of a sholuder bolt do you really need? Disk space is money, at least to me because I pay a service provider by the resources I use.

I welcome the idea of another parts site that allows others to contribute. For now, I think I’ll stick with my original concept for the FirstCADLibrary which is to contribute my work to the very best of my ability and in any way I can to the FIRST family. :slight_smile:

A solution to your problem would be to make it an open sourcer site so to speak. You would have a select few people that would check the parts being submitted and once cleared they could be posted. If we had a network of checkers then one person wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the task. I still like the idea but as you state it needs work. Maybe as a group we can come up with something that will work and everyone can trust. I am willing to help we just need to set it into motion.