FIRST Canada LIVE! - At Home Challenges Discussion

Hey everyone!

This week on FIRST Canada LIVE! we’ve be doing a deep dive into the 2021 At Home Challenges. Our expert panelists include:

Parth Patel, Drive Coach - Team 610
Kaushal Kapasi, Mentor - Team 1241
Barbara Magolon, Mentor - Team 3683

We’ll be taking questions live on the show, or feel free to drop them here as well.

FIRST Canada LIVE! airs each Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm and can be viewed on our FIRST Canada Twitch channel. Archives can be found on our YouTube channel.


Karthik is hosting with the Buckeyes playing at 7:00?
Dedication folks.


Buckeyes played? That could be argued. Alabama certainly played.

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Considering you saw me watch an NFL playoff game on your phone from the podium of a VEX event, you know my abilities to multitask. :rofl:

The show is actually tonight (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm. Tune in for all the fun and a good discussion about the 2021 At Home Challenges!

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I just had a chance to watch through this video, great job to everybody involved!

Early on, the Ontario FIRST Team Support Slack was mentioned. I have a few questions about this Slack as it relates to the implementation of a similar resource in other locations.

  • Is this Slack endorsed by the program organizers in Ontario?
  • How was it communicated to teams?
  • Who is invited to join the Slack community? Adults/Mentors only, or are students in it as well?
  • Who manages/moderates the discussions?
  • If students are involved, how do you manage private messages and potential bullying issues?
  • Would you recommend this community resource for other regions? Does it offer significant value to Ontario FIRST teams?

Here’s a direct link to last night’s episode!


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