FIRST Canada LIVE! - Tuesday 7pm ET - 2023 Robonauts Everybot Live Reveal!

This Tuesday (January 17th) at 7:00 pm ET, we’re back with another very exciting episode of FIRST Canada LIVE! As posted in their build thread , we’re having the Everybot crew (@Ethan_Reed @rstockton429 @Jennakay) from Team 118 - Robonauts on the show for a live reveal of the 2023 Everybot. After the reveal we’ll be doing a deep dive into the design followed by a Q&A. So tune in to see why the 2023 Everybot is competitive, affordable, and efficient solution for Charged Up.

The show will be hosted by myself and FIRST Canada Youth Council member Aaron. We expect the Everybot segment to start somewhere between 7:10 and 7:15p ET. We’ll also have legendary drive coach Dan Kimura, from FIM’s Virtual Robotics Studio, talking about the amazing step-by-step video tutorials they’re creating around the Everybot. Here’s a link to their incredibly thorough Everybot chassis build.

If you have questions you’d like answered on the show, please feel free to drop them in this thread or in the chat during the show.

As always FIRST Canada LIVE! will be live streamed at and available after the show at the FIRST Canada YouTube Channel . Hope to see you online on Tuesday night!


Can’t wait to see what the Everybot team has cooked up for this year!


It’s what those non-drive motors are attached to…




Whoops! Fixed.


I hope it’s Everybot 2018 again. It’s basically the universal FRC solution and best robot in the world if you had to play every game 2017-2023 with one robot.


We’re going live in about 12 minutes; tune in to see the unveiling of the 2023 Everybot!


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