FIRST Canada LIVE! - Tuesday 7pm ET - Charged Up Deep Dive & Everybot Preview with mentors from 118, 610, 1310 & 4476

Hi everyone,

This Tuesday (January 10th) at 7:00 pm ET, we’re back with a very exciting episode of FIRST Canada LIVE! Myself and FIRST Canada Youth Council member Amelia will be doing a deep dive into the new Charged Up game with a panel of illustrious mentors including:

  • Parth Patel - Team 610 drive coach
  • Rishi Jotsinghani - Former 1310 & 3683 drive coach
  • Jenna Kay Foertsch - Team 118 & the Everybot
  • Taegen Poles - Team 4476

Topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • First impressions of the game
  • Acquisition and Release of Cones and Cubes
  • The Charge Station
  • Priority Lists - Strategic Design
  • Simple ideas for teams to get started
  • Resources
  • Early discussion about the 2023 Everybot and what the Everybot team has been working on

If you have any questioned you’d like addressed on the show, feel free to post in this thread and we’ll do our best to get them answered live!

As always FIRST Canada LIVE! will be live streamed at and available after the show at the FIRST Canada YouTube Channel . Hope to see you online on Tuesday night!


Going live in 5 minutes! Come check it out! Twitch

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Last night’s episode is now on YouTube! You can check it out below. Also, since everyone might not have 90 minutes to watch the entire show, here are some timestamp links to specific discussions that might interest you.


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