Hey there ChiefDelphi!

In light of the current health situation and to support and encourage our robotics community, FIRST Canada is excited to launch FIRST Canada LIVE! These streams will be hosted by FIRST Canada emcee and beloved ChiefDelphi moderator, Karthik Kanagasabapathy. Join us online to hear from FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge teams, FIRST Canada Youth Council members, volunteers, alumni and mentors across Canada.

Check us out starting staring tomorrow from 12 pm until 2 pm EDT! This 12-part show will be streamed every weekday.
You will be able to tune in via Twitch at this link: Twitch
The schedule can be found at the following link: Live – FIRST Robotics Canada

Hope to see you there!


Thanks @Param4946. I’m pumped to be a part of this FIRST Canada project. Our hope is to provide some FIRST content to help fill the void that we’re all experiencing right now. I’m especially looking forward to co-hosting the show with members of FIRST Canada’s Youth Council, who are certain to keep this show fresh and fun.

Hope to see all of you in chat over the next few weeks!


The first show was great! Looking forward to tomorrow with more content!


Here’s the Twitch Archive of Episode 001. These will be going on on the FIRST Canada YouTube account shortly.


Aaaaand here’s the YouTube version. All episodes will be archive on the FIRST Canada channel.

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Here’s a link to Friday’s show:

The schedule for next week’s shows has been updated and can be found at:

Some highlights:

Monday: Team Showcase on Team 610
Tuesday: Story Time with FIRST Canada GA, and drive coach of Team 610, Parth Patel
Wednesday: Team Showcase on Team 2056
Thursday: Story Time with the drive coach of Team 1114, Matt Coffey; Team Showcase on Team 1241
Friday: Story Time with @JackN including his classic story of the 2008 Championship and what could have been.

Plus interactive FIRST trivia and many more spotlights, story time sessions, and much more!

Are we going to get to see what 2056 came up with for infinite recharge?

Were there really no teams that competed in the canadian pacific regional featured? I looked over the teams in the first 2 videos and the schedule for the next ones and couldn’t find any. Could be wrong though

As far as I know, none have applied as of yet. The application can be found on this page:

However, this upcoming Friday does feature an interview with FIRST Canada Regional Director for British Columbia, Ian Koscielski.

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Episode 3 is now live on YouTube, featuring:

  • Story Time with FIRST Canada LRI and Team 2706 Mentor Gabby Genereux
  • Profiles of Teams 610 and 7480
  • FIRST Canada Swag trivia

I actually have no idea. They’re signed up for a 30 minute Team Showcase, but that’s all we know at this point. I’ll post an update here if we find out more.


According to their Instagram, 2056 will be revealing their robot on Wednesday’s show!


Hey everyone!
We will be going live in 15 minutes! Tune in to see 2056’s robot reveal along with some other exciting segments and interviews!


All of last week’s episodes can be found in this playlist:

Some highlights from this upcoming week include:

Monday: Story Time with FIRST Canada FTA and founder of Glou Beauty, Karen Lee. More Story Time with FIRST Canada Lead Head Referee and Team 3683 Drive Coach Pranit Trivedi

Tuesday: Team Showcase with 2020 Durham District Champions, Team 2200

Wednesday: Team Showcase with 2020 Georgian District Champions, Team 865

Thursday: Team Showcase with 2019 Ontario Provincial Championship Chairman’s Award Winner, Team 772

Friday: Story Time with FIRST Lead MC, Blair Hundertmark. A Team Showcase with 2020 Humber District Champions, FIRST Hall of Fame Team 1114

Plus many more Team Showcases, Story Time segments, Program Showcases, and FIRST Canada Staff Spotlights! The full schedule can be found here:

As always you can tune in to all the fun at Noon each weekday at


This Thurday (tomorrow) will be our final episode of FIRST Canada LIVE! in it’s daily afternoon timeslot. It should be a fun show as it features an interview with FIRST Canada FRC Regional Director John Hobbins, as well as an AMA type segment with myself. If you want to ask me any questions, jump into the Twitch chat and fire away!

We’ll also be announcing some new special episodes of the show, that you will not want to miss, especially if you’re on an Ontario FRC team.


Sounds like good segments to end a great run of programming. Congratulations Karthik and the team for producing so much good content every day. It’s kept us engaged while we’re bored at home!

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As announced on FIRST Canada LIVE! today, there will be two special episodes featuring FIRST Canada’s 2020 Online Awards Gala, where the following awards will be handed out:

April 16th, 7:00 pm
Dean’s List Semi-Finalists for all District Events
Canadian Women in STEM Scholarship
Don Bossi Leadership & Innovation Scholarship
District Volunteer Appreciation Awards
Woodie Flowers Finalist Nominees
Ontario Provincial Championship District Dean’s List Finalists

April 30th, 7:00 pm
FRC Provincial Championship Volunteer of the Year Award
FIRST Canada Cross Programs Volunteer of the Year Award
Ontario Provincial Championship Woodie Flowers Finalist Award
Ontario Provincial Championship Chairman’s Award - All Districts


Here’s the YouTube Archive of tonight’s award show!

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Here’s a list of all of the Ontario Award Winners from the two shows, as well as winners of the same awards from our three played districts

And here’s a link to the actual show.


FIRST Canada LIVE! is back for Season 2 starting tonight and running every Tuesday this fall from 7 to 8:30pm ET. On tonight’s show we have FIRST Canada president Mark Breadner with updates including a look at what the 2020-21 season is going to look like in Canada. We also have FIRST Canada vice president Dave Ellis on the show to talk FTC, and a Kahoot trivia faceoff with some very cool FIRST Canada swag as prizes.

Oh yeah, there’s a sweet new intro video as well. Check it all out at:


Season 2 has been going strong, here are links to the first three episodes.

Episode 1 - FIRST Canada Updates with Mark Breadner, FIRST Trivia Challenge, FTC Updates with Dave Ellis
Episode 2 - FIRST Canada Youth Council Updates, FLL Challenge Updates with Annika Pint
Episode 3 - Story Time with FIRST Canada Alum, VC & FTA Kaushal Kapasi, Story Time with FIRST Alum & FIRST Canada Head Ref Matt Glanfield

You’ll want to tune in this week on Tuesday, October 6th at 7pm EDT for a major FIRST Canada announcement from VP of Programs Dave Ellis and FRC Director John Hobbins that will impact all FIRST teams from all programs in Ontario. This will be worth tuning in for! We’ll be taking questions after the announcement and will be going past our normal 8:30pm ending to make sure we answer as many questions as possible!