FIRST Canada Webinar #5 Feb 4 - 7pm

Hello Teams - things are in high gear in week four!
Allow us to assist you by passing you valuable tips that will help you score in the high goal…this season.
We are excited to host the 5th “Ask the Expert” Canadian webinar this season with lots of terrific information. We have a cast of experts who can answer almost any question: except my age…lol :rolleyes:
This Tuesday’s webinar at 7-9pm, will feature topics: “FIRST update”, Programming, Electronics, Mechanical and Inspection Tips, and a FRC SOS to help teams in need.
Don’t hesitate, register as early as possible by following the FIRST Robotics Canada Face Book page!
Rookies and Veteran teams will want to listen in and post questions. BTW - you can even post questions ahead of time by sending them to: !!!
The webinar link is listed at 12 noon on Tuesdays on our FB page:

Past webinars discussed Chairman’s with Karthik, *Game Strategies *with Mike/Justin/Karthik. These past webinar recordings can be reviewed at: