FIRST Capital Ri3D 2020 Megathread


Anyone got mirrors for the twitch clips for those of us at work?


We’ll have a bunch more videos up on soon that will have these in it.

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Ri3D stream should be stable now! The robot is nearly complete and is shooting into the ports! This is pretty awesome! Nightly recap show at 9pm ET and we are giving away a REV Ultraplanetary Gearbox Kit & HD Hex Motor!

Watch live at
View archived videos (a bunch more coming soon):

What mecanum wheels are being used on the intake and where were they bought? Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure which ones they are using specifically, but you have a couple options

  1. you can 3D print some from 125 FRC125, 2" Printable Mecanum (aka V.I.W.) Release (2019-2020)

  2. ThriftyBot - Currently Out of Stock

  3. West Coast Products - Currently Out of Stock

I suggest trying to print some!

And probably a little pricey and overkill for intake wheels:

2 inch mecanum wheels from The Thrifty Bot -

They will be restocked tonight Monday, Jan 6th at 7 PM EST.

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According to their site, these should start shipping on January 13th, so still a good option for most teams.

Just got caught up on a bunch of videos!

Climber Hook System

Shooter Testing and Practice

Auto Align Shooter System with Limelight

Control Panel Manipulator Update

Elevator Breaking System

Shooter Control Loop Demo


Center of Gravity Shifter Prototype for Climb


Just want to say, this is some amazing content. The short videos are fabulous resources for all teams, but especially those who can’t churn out realistic prototypes in a timely fashion.


That idea of a shifting cg didn’t come to my mind, might be worth looking into for my team. It’ll probably be more useful for compensating for lighter teams, but still something to look into

how close was this shot?

What exact fairlane wheels are on the shooter?

4" solid Fairlane with custom milled hub in the middle. RR-754 is on the wheel.

For the close shot, the blue tape is the initiation line, so 10ft away to the center of the robot

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Analyzing PID Loop on Shooter:


Is that chart / PID tuning software custom?