FIRST Car accessories

Has anyone out there used old parts for their cars? I was thinking about trying to make up some spinners out of old bearings and stuff, and possibly some inside stuff or undercarriage lights out of some old spinning lights. Has anyone else thought of the same thing?

We have that on our robot cart :slight_smile:

I wonder how long the spinning lights would hold up against rain, sand, salt, snow, ect. Last I remember they weren’t really weather tight, and you’d have to do something to hold the lens on better than just a piece of velcro.

I wan’t planning on just puttin the lights under there :slight_smile:
I was going to set up some kind of watertight box if I went through with the underdarriage lights idea.

The only thing I’d say is that the whole “spinning” doesn’t look that good IMO - so take the reflector off…(we didn’t have to worry about that since we broke our reflector/little motor that spins the light last year during nationals) :smiley:

But hey if you think it looks good, go for it - take some pics :wink: