FIRST Catch Phrases

Old school Team 66
“Beware! The Penguins…”

I know that the ohrase I find my self most commonly using during the build season is, “I can’t, I have Robotics”

This one gets all the laugs when I say it:

I need a nut, quick I need a nut! :ahh:

Of course, I say it in the way it is meant to be said, but it’s not the words that are spoken, but the words that are perceived

HA! That’s a 237 thing…they started it in 01, but if anyone else has an earlier claim on it, I’d love to know :slight_smile:

ours might be ‘‘we bust nuts’’ depending on what our teacher approves

another- “Got Bot?”

off the top of my head
" you know you’re adicted to first if you havent slept in 3 days"

I like Hit it with a big hammer, if it breaks you needed to replace it anyway.

no the most bestest is “HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”. i can picture myself walking around 6flags for 3 hourse hearing that

I had a project of person of the year for some class in school. I made it easier on myself and picked dean. I ended up making a Dean-isms page, and here’s come of the quotes from it–
You have teenagers thinking they’re going to make millions as NBA stars when that’s not realistic for even 1 percent of them. Becoming a scientist or engineer is.

it's rare for me not see some evidence of FIRST on a city street

We give kids slogans like, 'Life is short, Play hard.' How about 'Life is short, Work hard'? You can have the hardest fun in the world.

You want to show children science and engineering? You don’t give them plastic paramecium on the folding table in the basement of the middle school. You show them scientists and engineers from major companies all over the country, and you show them that these engineers aren’t all old, bent, deranged looking white males with German accents out to blow up the world.

This is an extraordinary machine

There are big, big opportunities, but you roll this thing out and people say, 'Well, what use is it?' But of what use is the telephone — the first telephone? Who are you going to call? Of what use is the first computer?

The potential for the greatest positive impact on the world is FIRST. Because when you’re sitting at the nationals and looking out at 20,000 kids in the arena at EPCOT — and these are kids who have unbelievable energy and imagination — you realize that they are the ones who are going to pretty much take over the leadership role in inventing and creating the products and services of the future, dealing with global warming, energy issues and health issues. And you look out there and think, because FIRST got them thinking about engineering and science, one of these kids is going to cure cancer. One of these kids is going to come up with some extraordinary technical achievement that’ll create an entirely new field. And when you leverage that with introducing tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of kids to engineering andscience every year, well, the possibilities are just awesome Sports are an entertainment, a diversion. They’re an extracurricular thing, perceived as fun. I just looked at the whole model and asked, “Why can’t we create the same kind of enthusiasm and excitement for science and engineering and technology — that they are accessible, they’re fun, they’re rewarding?”

We learn to deal with failure, and deal with frustration

that’s most of them, if anyone wants to see the whole sheet, lemme know…i dont know what use they will be, but they’re just fun

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lisa, the all powerful queen of the vertically challenged, has once again left me in a completely enlightened state.

last year our team’s motto was simply from the movie Finding Forrester… “You’re the man now, dog” … I still find it funny to this day :smiley:

one of the posts above triggered something that Dean (im pretty sure) had said at kickoff … “This is the hardest fun you will ever have” (or something like that)

alright here’s my .02

“if it doesn’t work, get a bigger hammer”


“engineers aren’t boring people, we just get excited about boring things”

who said that brilliant phase:
“if it does’nt work, use more velcro”?
do you remember (last year)?

hugs ya’ll


“alright, WHO LET THE MAGIC WHITE SMOKE OUT OF THE ELECTRONICS?!” was our phrase 2 years ago… heheh… Looked like a shroom cloud…

And one of my personal favorites is in my signature, “I know Mr Stokely [one of our mentors] wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle, I just wish he didn’t trust me so much!”


“Experience is what ya get when ya don’t get what you want.” That is a BIG one for us. :yikes:

Our catch phrase this year is “Fail often to succeed faster.”

We printed it up on a big banner and hung it in our work area.

Thank you to everyone who posted in this thread, and for the link to spotlite cuz I was having trouble finding it yesterday.

Our school’s given us additional space upstairs for storage, and it had an unexpected bonus - a very cool clubroom. We are creating some mythology about it, and I used a lot of quotes from here and spotlite, word program, different cool fonts, the kids and I tore and tea stained the quotes.

Some of quotes weren’t tea stained, and were posted in our downstairs bathroom that we share in common now with construction technology cuz the quotes were generic to tools and would apply to his class too.

A few stained quotes are posted around our downstairs facility - cuz they’re really for FIRST.

The rest are for the ambience of our

Ancient Team’s Room



Our teams been using the expression “FIRST Its An Obsession”


FIRST Frenzy: Who capped ya?

What about… How many drill motors did you say we had left?? 50?? Not enough, order some more - pronto!!!

Not a catch phrase per say but true none the less… lol