FIRST Celebrity Status

I was thinking about how certain people who participate in FIRST attain such great reputations as leaders, mentors, engineers, or overall just fantastic people, and how they gain such a following. Is it their enthusiasm, their knowledge, their availability, or is it something more unique? I’m talking about the people that a majority or a large number of the FIRST or at least FRC community knows of. I would like to know your input on what you think makes a person in FIRST stand out in a sea of already outstanding people!

Posting alot on CD doesn’t hurt.

Definitely not. I was surprised that someone at the 2013 championships recognized me on the field when I was coach on the drive team. They said they remembered me from CD! However, they didnt remember my username right and butchered it.

Said by the person that leads the CD posting record by a mile!!

And you know what? I certainly recognized him at Championship this year! (Though I was a little confused when his name tag didn’t say “Koko Ed”)


The top of the Celebrity FIRST Food Chain is occupied by MCs, Top level coaches team leaders and drivers of elate team. Woodie Flowers award winners and Libby Kamen.

Example Karthik kanagasabapathy

And then there’s JVN. We are JVN.

I want to be Andrew Lawrence when I grow up.

I think really, it’s just the amount of enthusiasm the mentor/student/leader puts into their posts and the competitions. I mean, anyone can post a lot of words without making that big of a difference. I think it’s really great when someone can come in and make this incredible post to help other students know what it is that FIRST is all about. :slight_smile:

Please don’t tell him that.

Please, one Andrew Lawrence is enough.


Corrected that for you.


Being active on Twitter is a plus. I love seeing FIRST robotics people on Twitter. It gives them a little bit more of a personality.

Creators are also really cool. I love scouting out people at events that make cool things to talk about what they’re doing, what their plans are, and if they’re setting up for anything new.

And some of the stuff can be totally off the wall and weird - which makes it that much better.

Another big part of it, in my opinion, is that a lot of the people that FIRSTers look up to don’t take themselves/situations too seriously. They take things easy and kind of ‘go with the flow’, but they still have a direction/task in mind.

I want to have Billfred’s hair when I grow up.

Billfred wants to have Billfred’s hair when he grows up.

(Oh oh, negative infinity coming :eek: )

Most of the people in FIRST that I highly respect are people whose names I would see frequently on CD (as posters or just being named). If I see someone’s name around enough, chances are that they’re doing something right somewhere, even if I’ve never actually met them.

I also respect a lot of the volunteers that I’ve worked with. Working with someone in a high-stress environment tends to tell you a lot about them.

That weirds me out too. I also have the inability to call Richard Sisk by anything other than “Rsisk” because his name isn’t on his CD profile and I didn’t know what else to address him by for the longest time.