FIRST Cell Phone

Hey, i just thought of an idea that might actually work

Seince Motorola sponcers a couple of teams (108, 111 come to mind.) wouldn’t it be a good idea to release a special eddition Motorola Phone for FIRST, maybe something that has the capibility of watching webcasts, getting basic info

or at least have a mobile version of the FIRST website, with basic info on updates as they come out, scores for regionals, standings, and of course, mobile CheifDelphi. (tried it on my SLVR, didn’t work)

anyone agree,

PS: Team 1402 has contacts with Motorola, we just want to get support for this so we can actually ask this question to motorola.

Why not just do this?

lol i wouldnt do that because i dont have an Andy Mark Sticker, or for that matter any sticker that is related to FIRST

I would by a FIRST cell phone in a heart beat…as long as it looked good, how about a special edition RAZR or something.

Heh, that’s a kid from our team. My brother also decked out his phone for nationals. He put the FIRST logo as the outside screen wallpaper, the Aim High logo as the inside screen wallpaper, and the “F-I-R-S-T” song as his ringtone. :rolleyes:

Somehow I doubt Motorola would go to the lengths of releasing a FIRST cell phone.

However, it would be pretty cool if someone (anyone?) made an application that could be downloaded and run on Motorola phones that had information on FIRST, and perhaps something cool like scouting at competitions? I see a FIRST program or application on cell phones being more realistic than a phone for a specific limited audience.

id love a sundial thing on my phone :smiley:

Motorola phones DO support Java applications.

I have seen people create mobile sites to access their computers so they could access their files and stored information anywhere via their phone browser.

P.S. Opera has a pretty nifty mobile browser.

I would definitely advertise AndyMark on my cell phone if I had an AndyMark sticker!! coughcough :yikes:

If it works anything like the POS Motorola MPX220 I had before, it wouldn’t be worth the parts it was made with. By far one of the worst cellphones i’ve ever owned.

It’s already been done. :wink:

wait when and where and photos, and how come i dont have one :smiley:

For me to buy a like what everyone is talking about it would have to be affordable for students.

But it would be kind cool.

I used to have a picture, but I remember they produced a custom faceplate and wallpaper (you could only get from the internet) back in 2000/2001/2002. I think I remember seeing a girl from 111 with it.

Too bad I have a Samsung phone with Sprint service…

I would hit up some FIRST related stickers in a heartbeat though! Mayhaps I can make some with Staples sticker paper…

Ok so if you happen to be somebody with a RAZR, SLVR, or ROKR motorola has created these, tatoos that you stick onto your phone that you can design and print out yourself.

if only i had one of those

There is one sad truth to that phone, we have RAZR’s, SLVR’s, ROKR’s and PEBL’s in 2006. it would be nice if we have a phone like ROBO or something cool like that.

I will so get it, but it will only be good for 3 days in a year for me (depending on how many regonals you go to). I just think the process would be a big. I just wonder how much it will cost motorola to develop it and then host it. If they do this I will so sign up depending on how much it costs. I would be happy if they had wi-fi at the regonals telling you the scores online. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about, but some sites have a CSS stylesheet that is defined for use with mobile devices. If they don’t already, maybe a group of people could petition them to create one?

Hell, I’m sure there are some people who would do it for free. All FIRST would have to do is upload it.

Hey that’s a very smart idea! I am willing to host it. I have unlimited bandwidth on my server.