FIRST Championship 2020

So it looks like FIRST made a change to the dates of the 2020 champs.
The dates are: Houston: April 15 - 18, 2020 | Detroit: April 29 - May 2, 2020

With these new dates, Houston and Detroit have a 1-week gap in between them.

I just find this to be an interesting change with no bag day now because Detroit teams now have an extra 2 building weeks.

(Not meaning to put advantages to it just North Champs build season is 2 weeks longer)


Houston never faces Detroit, so I don’t see an advantage or disadvantage.


North champs teams have more snow days earlier in the build season, so works out in my opinion.


These dates haven’t changed since FIRST announced two-champs dates in 2015. They published dates for 2017 through 2020 and there was always an extra week gap in 2020’s scheduled dates.

To reiterate, this is not a recent change the the schedule. OP likely just noticed it and assumed a change.

This is variation on the past three seasons, but has been scheduled as such since 2015.



Thank you, did not realize they posted all the dates.

Works out for those of us who want to continue volunteering at VEX Worlds but also attend Detroit! Super stoked for 2020.


RIP AP exams : (


I wonder why they scheduled it this way then.

The scheduling likely had to do with venue availability.

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For reference, week 1 of the 2020 AP Exams starts the Monday following the Detroit CMP. Gonna be a real tight travel window for some teams, and I expect quite a few parents to balk at sending their children if they have AP US Government or AP Physics exams.


I know for a lot of kids in my school, it’s very common to take AP Physics C and Calculus concurrently. This year we had plenty of time, but next years students will have 3 tests on the two days after they come back from worlds (we arrive back on Sunday).

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Lol thankfully the percentages for a 5 on those are pretty low (it’s like 50% for E&M)

Yeah I’m planning on taking AP gov and AP physics C, and all three of those tests are on the Monday after the Detroit Championship. Rip my AP tests if we get to championship.

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Even worse is that if we go to worlds in Detroit, alot of the seniors including me will miss Physics C exam as our flights will take more than a day due to transferring from Detroit

It appears that another event is taking place at Cobo during the typical Detroit Champs time: WCX20 SAE World Congress Experience which was probably planned before the contract with FIRST for champs.

Additionally, there are late-testing dates for AP tests for students with unique circumstances that cause them to miss the actual exam (such as coming home from Detroit Champs… students at my school are doing this after missing tests for track sectionals). More info here.

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I mean not really, it just means their robot gets shipped out slightly later next year @Zack-5421

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However, all of the teams competing in Houston will have the same “disadvantage”; while all of the teams in Detroit will have the same “advantage”.

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It’s not really an “advantage” for Detroit, the only “advantage” they get (if I’m reading this right) is they can ship their bot out later. (So like the week of Houston)

It will be an advantage for those teams who don’t have to ship their bots. If they do that this year

Isn’t that a big if though, since they only used this year to test it?