FIRST Championship 2022: Space Center Houston Discounted Tickets

2022 FIRST Championship Participants,

Again for the 4th year, we’re pleased to share that Space Center Houston ( ), the Gateway to The NASA Johnson Space Center ( ), has a special offer for discounted general admission tickets during your visit to Championships.

To purchase discounted tickets for your team fill out the attached form with your team’s information, how many tickets you need, date of your visit, and the price of $15.95 per ticket. Select group ticket type and email the completed form to [email protected] You do not need to fill out payment information, SCH will send out a conformation to the team contact on the form. After payment is received SCH will email the tickets to your team contact. Below is the PDF of the form and an example of a filled out form.

Education Ticketing Communications Request Form.pdf (850.6 KB)

A special thanks to Space Center Houston for making this opportunity possible.

We very much look forward to seeing you in Houston,
The NASA Robotics Alliance Project Team


Just sent ours in and was told to use a new version of the form.

Group Order Form v4 11-2-21.pdf (285.2 KB)


@rstockton429 is there a reason you suggest this form over the field trip form?
Seems like the field trips have better pricing? Field trips

The process I posted about is what SCH offered to us for FIRST teams. It looks like the field trip form requires a minimum of 20 tickets purchased and require school information such as the school tax ID number. If you’re a school based team that has that information and will purchase at least 20 tickets it looks like that will be the better option. Otherwise, the educational ticket process seems to be best.

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