FIRST Championship Agenda Question

I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief description of what goes on each day (typically) at the championship. The agenda is not yet posted online and our team is trying to figure out hotel arrangements. In order to to so, we need to know when we need to get there to to uncrate the robot and when the rest of the team can get in. That is, if the championship is like the regionals, and some students are let in early to uncrate. If anyone could give me any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Read Bill’s blog, it’s a godsend for little things like this. The Jan. 19th one covers Wednesday for Championship. Most recent years games and documents relating to events are archived under game and season info in the archived game docs & event results. Here’s the link to last years championship agenda.

There have been rumors - and that’s all they are at this time, rumors, or maybe hopeful wishes - that maybe competition matches could start on Thursday at CMP. The theory is that you have made it to CMP, so you don’t need a full practice day. Starting matches earlier would give teams more matches.

There are teams that send a skeleton crew for Wed pm and Thurs, and the majority of the team travels in on Thurs.

I’m pretty sure those are more than rumors, as that’s exactly what happened last year.

I mean, the Agenda linked to above even has matches starting Thursday at 1 PM.

Also, it sounds like this is in the works:

There are tentative plans to open the FRC Pits at the FIRST Championship earlier this year. FRC Pits are scheduled to open on Wednesday, April 27th from 5:00pm to 9:30pm to access your robot. Similar to last year, the FOCUS WILL BE ON GETTING YOUR ROBOT READY FOR INSPECTION.

No different than last year, IIRC, but if a team don’t need to make any modifications or repairs, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to be inspected Wednesday night (assuming inspections are open) and practice all morning Thursday.

The above statement is correct. The pits will open on Wednesday but a time has not been established. Keep watching Bill’s Blog or Team Updates as we get closer. As in 2010 we will start inspections based on the agenda.
What is more interesting is the agenda of presentations that will take place at Champs. Everything from getting sponsors, to robot design, to pneumatics. Some of the best robot people try to make a presentation each year as well as the NEMO group working on non-engineering related items like travel, fund raising, and team management. Check them out and try to get some students to attend.

Thanks all for the information; and, I went to Atlanta 4 years ago and will definitely encourage the team to check out all of the presentations and “other” stuff going on.

Oh, thanks. I couldn’t go last year, so I wasn’t paying attention. I guess I should ::rtm:: :wink:

The presentations are usually really good and the popular ones fill up quickly. Visit for more information as it becomes available.