FIRST Championship Chairman's Award Process

So my team won the Regional Chairman’s Award at the Los Angeles Regional and we were wondering about the process at the Championship. Are we supposed to present once more in front of judges? If so, would that be a full 10 minute presentation process? Do we have to submit our video in digital format once more (which we very much want to, seeing as we’re working on a new version)? We’ve never participated in the Championship before, so we’re quite lost :smiley:
Thanks in advance!

You will present again, with the procedure being the same as at the regional level. (5 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions.) You need to submit your video again, and there are no rules preventing you from modifying your video and/or your presentation before Championship.

Great! Thanks Max!

Also, as an international team you might be interested in bringing in a translator, who’s got better Enlish-Spanish skills that the kids.
That is allowed (the first time this year!).
You can bring in +1 person, who’s only there to translate. I’d suggest you to make that person someone who’s not a team member, so he will obviously only be translating and not a biased individual.
Anyhow, that’s what we are planning to do… (Israeli Chairman winner…)
In case your video isn’t in English, you are required to at subtitles.
Good Luck!

Simple question. The Chairman’s Award Consent/Release Form says “competing in the ______ Regional or District competition.” Is there a separate form for championships? Or should I just fill out this one and put FIRST Championship on there?

Your second hypothesis is correct; you just write Championship on that form.

From the First Championship Email

2014 CMP Chairman’s Award Interviews: Chairman’s Award interviews will take place on Friday, 4/25 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. There will be an interview sign-up sheet posted at the Hall of Fame booth (next to Pit Administration) starting at 7:00 am on Thursday, 4/24. The sheet will list all teams that are eligible for the Chairman’s Award and which interview room they will be interviewed in. Please come to the Hall of Fame booth to sign up for an interview time slot for your team’s interview room. Hall of Fame teams will also be present at 8:00 am on Thursday, 4/24 to answer any questions that the teams have in regards to the interview process.

As a reminder, teams are required to hand their Chairman’s Award video and signed video consent and release form to the judges as soon as they walk in for their interview. Teams will NOT be interviewed for Chairman’s Award at Championship unless they hand their video and signed video consent and release form to the judges.

Congratulations on Chairmans

Another question: Are the teams that are eligible for CCA also eligible for the divisional EI awards? Or are only regional/DCMP EI winners eligible for them?

Not quite. I don’t think it’s quite official, but I have yet to hear from a team that didn’t end up with a 10 minute interview at Champs. Still plan around concise answers, just expect they’ll be asking you more and varied questions. We got blindsided by a longer interview last year, and weren’t entirely prepared to have the extra time.

It seems that all teams, Chairman’s award winners included, are eligible for the divisional EI awards. Teams presenting for Chairman’s may have a slight advantage when it comes to EI because the judges will have heard more about their team through the 10 minute interview, but all teams are eligible.

In theory, the Chairman’s judges do not confer with the other set of judges who interview in the pits. Whether this actually happens or not, I don’t know.

Technically, this is probably true, but it’s hard to imagine that they don’t talk at least a little.

Congratulations to all the teams competing for the Chairman’s Award in St Louis this year! If your team members are interested, please come by The Chairman’s Chat, part if the FIRST Robotics Conference. It will be held from 1:00-2:30 pm on Thursday in the Ferrara Theater in the Americas Center. Representatives from Hall of Fame teams and a Chairman’s Award judge will be participating. Be sure to register first.

See you there.

Yes. You do not have to win any pit judged award at a regional to win at the championship.

According to a mentor who used to be a judge advisor at a regional, and two people I know that are judges at regionals currently (one at cmp), the chairmans judges are not allowed to talk about what was said in the interview with other judges and vice versa. Only which team has won. According to them, this is very well enforced and respected by the judges. I would imagine that at the championship this is especially true, as they just don’t have the time. That’s what I have gathered over the years from “flies on the wall” if you will.