FIRST Championship in St. Louis through 2014

Sorry St. Louis, you will have to hide your spare LEGO pieces until 2014. The FIRST Robotics Championship and tens of thousands of robot-building youngsters are extending their stay here for an additional year.
St. Louis was originally selected from three finalist cities in 2009 to host the robotics championship between 2011 and 2013 and now the organization has decided to return in 2014 as well. The event is typically held at near end of April.

“We continue to be impressed by St. Louis’ facilities, infrastructure and the widespread community support to meet the growing needs of FIRST,” said Ron Falcone, FIRST Championship site committee chairperson. “The City of St. Louis has opened its arms to FIRST with an enormous amount of time, effort and hospitality so we are pleased to be able to add another year onto the existing contract.”

The event has been held in St. Louis for the past two years and is one of the biggest conventions for the America’s Center. The FIRST championship last year drew an estimated 25,000 people and brought $24 million in spending to the city.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has more than 300,000 members in 60 countries and sponsors four K-12 robotics programs that aim to teach kids about robotics and spark their desire to learn more about science and technology.

FIRST will occupy the America’s Center and the Edward Jones Dome for three days in April of 2013 and 2014.

“St. Louis is proud to continue hosting FIRST’s prestigious event as it successfully showcases our region as a destination that embraces education, science and technology,” said CVC president and CEO Kitty Ratcliffe. “FIRST is second to none in sparking young minds and we welcome these next-generation leaders back with open arms.”

Yippee!!! I don’t have to travel far to see some good competitions with wonderful students and mentors.

While I like that St Louis is close I still preferred Georgia.

FIRST saw record Champs registration numbers from award winners last year, which was largely attributed to it now being in a slightly more central location for teams. Why wouldn’t they want to keep that going? After all, we’re always talking about getting as many teams to Champs as possible right?

I’m thrilled to here this… I much prefer the city of St. Louis over Atlanta.

I’m giving the event venue a slight edge as well. The travel from the “PITS” to the field is far shorter, and far easier. It’s also easier to get to the stands as well.

While I liked Georgia, I still prefer Epcot… (Note that Houston was skipped :stuck_out_tongue: ) The central location of St. Louis is nice through and I am getting more used to the venue and location. I think that 2011 was such a change where the fields were that it just made me feel uneasy.

What a luxury for St. louis area teams: no hotel or transportation expense!

St. Louis is a great venue and city. I’d like to see Champs stay there for years to come.

That’s really awesome!
Easy traveling for Missouri teams. :smiley:

Very Cool!

St Louis is a fun city! :slight_smile:

And nice article too!

I’m just glad it didn’t move further south.

I’m a wimpy Minnesotan who had difficulties with the April heat in St. Louis. Plus, our team had enough travel expenses with going to Missouri. We wouldn’t be able to afford Champs anywhere further away.

While I have had an overall good experience with St. Louis the past two years, I sure would love to see the Championship Event back in Orlando. Disney just being a possible venue, but not just the EPCOT parking lot. We also have the Orlando Convention Center and the Disney Wide World of Sports.

numerous hotels
Plenty of entertainment
Transportation, especially at Disney
Potential for a rocket launch during the event (where else can say that?)

No sports venue adjacent to a convention center
No train from the airport to the venue

Another problem with Orlando is that its not centrally located. Many more teams would need to fly to Orlando, as compared to St. Louis.

Aww i was wishing for ot to return to atlanta. I wouldve been able to walk a short 1 mile from ga tech to see it! Glad thats in st louis still though. The facilities there seem nice.

Guess I’m only going to see St. Louis :stuck_out_tongue:

YIPPEE! This means I get to skip out of school for 2 days to attend, even if my team does not make it in!