FIRST Championship Store Detroit

Does anyone have any pictures of the FIRST store at the Detroit Championship? Specifically if they have the make your own shirt/hoodie thing again.

I received a notification from the Championship app that they were doing this.

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. It seemed like a huge moneymaker last year, and it’s fun for students to mix and match their own custom designs.

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They are doing the make-your-own store again (I don’t see why they would remove it since it’s so popular). They have a big display before you walk into the store.

I don’t know if it’s just my experience, but the custom design things weren’t very good last year. I bought the most expensive jacket and got a design on every spot available and they were peeling of within the first two weeks. I was really disappointed given how much I had spent. Everything has basically already pealed off and the largest design has a massive tear/hole in it.

Absolutely fricken expensive. I paid $12 yesterday for a key chain.

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some of it has been pretty good. I felt the Tshirts were a good value (the retro one was $16, and my custom one with extras was $32. )

My brother got overcharged for his sweatshirt last year by around $20 though, so make sure to pay attention.

Did you possibly contact the printing company to see if they could do anything about it?

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