FIRST Championship venue layout

Since I can’t be the only one who was looking for this-

FIRST Championship Houston venue layout

Full res version. Stitched together from images in the FIRST Championship guidebook

Interesting field/bleachers layout. From a pit to field standpoint, I like this layout.

Is Einstein no longer a field?

It’s in a separate venue (Minute Maid Park)


I count 135 yellow pits, 135 red pits, and 136 blue pits.

I can see why FIRST choose 6 fields instead of 8 fields.

Are FTC & FLL Happening on the other levels of the convention center ?

Curious, is this / GuideBook app the only way to get information like this (maps, detailed schedules, etc.)? I haven’t found useful info like this on the FirstInspires page for the CMP and I would really rather not tell my parents to download an app or follow a link to find relevant information.

Also, I’m still looking for info on the “how-to’s” at the competition ie. where does load-in / load-out happen, where can busses wait to pick peope up, etc. Any insights as to where I can find that info?

Level 3
FTC, FLL, FLL Jr., Exhibitors and Volunteers

Level 2
Invited Guests and Media Only

So… Where is pit admin, inspection, CSAs, and spare parts?

3rd floor where Lone Star Regional use to happen. They talked about it during the volunteer webinar.

I’d guess the big hexagon at the lower left of the pits is pit admin.

Yup. The Champs website is close but not perfect, and they seem to update Guidebook first. The app is pretty nice actually.

It’s a challenging space to fit everything in, and it seems like they probably did the best with what they had, but I am sad I won’t be able to stand up at the top of the stands and see tons of fields going on at once. That was one of my favorite parts of champs.

Interesting placement for the FIRST Champ Live booth (right under Galileo). No great background of all the fields this year :frowning: . I wonder what those other pits are that are next to the presumably pit admin hexagon. I think I can make out that one is CTRE.

The big one says NI, so that’s probably Supplier’s Row.

Inspection on 3rd floor? Hm.

Can’t wait to be there next weekend! Good luck to all teams, may the odds be ever in your favor. :wink:

If anyone is looking for the 2017 St. Louis layout, maps can be found here:

Does anyone know what suppliers will be in the pits at each Championship? A few fellow seniors from our team are planning a trip to visit St. Louis, and we wanted to see REV specifically. (It’s understandable if they’ll only be at Houston, being a Texas company)

I would like to personally invite everyone to come visit our booth at Houston. We should have some gaming systems, raffles, demos, etc. Lots of giveaways… I really look forward to seeing y’all!

All I can glean from the pit maps in the Championship app is that NI will be at both in the Robot Service Center. I can make out “CTRE” and “WPI” in the Houston map, while the only legible spaces for St. Louis are numbered.

What I can say is that AndyMark will be at both with plenty of demos, displays, and contests. :slight_smile:

Houston A to Z guide is out:

Includes links to load-in info:

Also, parking info:

How is Einstein going to work when there are only 6 fields?