FIRST Championship Video

Does anybody have, or know where you can get that video FIRST made during the Championship? The one right after the Cheesypoofs won the Chairmans award. I didn’t get to see it.

This video will show it…

Thank you! One bad thing is no sound for the end =( scared me the first time and thought it was my comp. i was like wtf!? but its all good. Thanks again!

Is there any video of it that has the sound :frowning:

not to gloat, but does anyone notice the only give away that Mr Abele has on him? that is so extremely visible he wears it like a medallion ;). heehee

I was going to turn it on when I went up to accept the Website Award, but decided against it last second. :smiley:

I added a title and music to the second half. I also have it so its just the wrap up video. Its about 25megs and about 3.5mins long. I need some one to host it. I’ll send it to any one who would like it.


Email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you a place where you can upload it.

If anyone else has any pictures or video that they would like to upload feel free to contact me.


Thanks to SOAP for hosting all these files!