First Championship

Hello my name is Roi. I am currently at home watching the worlds stream rather than being at Saint Louis with my team. Is there a reason worlds has to be the week before AP examinations. Is there a way to rile together and try and have first push the world championship 3 weeks back until after AP exams?

Short answer - no. Venue dates are locked in for the next several years, per

Then you run into interfering with some school’s final exams and graduations.

This has been discussed several times before, and its been determined that the season is pretty much locked into the schedule that exists now. An obvious solution would be to push the season back or forward to avoid conflicting with the AP exams, however it isn’t quite that simple.

Since FRC now has over 100 official events, it is necessary to have 7 weeks of competitions, plus the championship. Starting the season early (in mid to late December for example) would cause conflicts with the holidays, when many team members like to enjoy time with their families before the build season starts (look into the student/mentor burnout threads for examples). Postponing the championship event until after the AP exams would interfere with final exams and graduation.

Unless there were to be a drastic change to the structure of the build or competition season, FRC is pretty much locked into its existing schedule.

With a season as long as FRC is (it is almost a full 4 months) it’s impossible to have a time that works well for everyone. There are a lot of thing that will conflict on any 4 month period you pick, and I think the January-April period probably does the best job of it. Sure there are AP exams but those aren’t for another week, so its not that bad.