#FIRST Channel/Chatroom on the efnet

Hosted by Team 782 on the EFNET (IRC) #FIRST is a chatroom to get ideas about the kickoff and regionals out and get quick responses. This will be a moderated chatroom by Team 782 @ Watkinson School.

I hope to see you there!

If you do not know what IRC is, here are some quick links.
http://www.mirc.com is a download site for a good Windows, download it an connect to the efnet. Then join the channel #FIRST.

Good Luck and post if you have trouble getting in.

I downloaded it, what do I do next… I’m lost…

In the OPTIONS window that pops up when you first launch the progra select the server: “Random US Efnet Server” and enter your Real Name, your e-mail address (it can be fake), a Nickname (It can be your Firstname + Team Number) and an Alternate Nickname.

Then press the big “Connect to IRC Server” button.
When a bunch of stuff flys through the “Status” window a Connect to Channel windown will come up. Type in #First and click Join.

If you need anymore help, post here and i will help.


Theres no one here…

There is already an IRC channel that gets regular use by FIRSTers… irc.webmaster.com #FIRSTRobotics. Yes, it’s the “tigerbolt” chat. There is a silly java client around somewhere.

the “tigerbolt” chat is available on the tigerbolt (team 73) website…


Click on Chat.


Get Xchat!!! Xchat Jim got me hooked on this =)


I use TigerBolt Chat…
Accesed via irssi on Quoth or bitchX on Laster.


Only A Few Shall Understand

I love helping people.

There’s a link to Tigerbolt on the main page of CD, and in my sig.

You can use IRC with Trillian.

The best free IRC client that I’ve found is HycraIRC. You can get it at http://hydrairc.sourceforge.net.