FIRST Chat Scouting

Hey Everybody,

My scouting system is fully ready for this year!! But, yet again, I need teams to contribute their knowledge of their robots.

Help your team and other teams scout, by entering information on your robot here.

Please reply with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions below.

Quentin Sheets

Really cool, just posted some stuff on there. Nice Job.

Great stuff here. Scouting will be a lot more fun this year it looks like. Well done.

This will be extremely useful. The Regional & team lists are great. I had a problem when I tried to submit a team number into the robot inventory; the screen flashed & no results were given. I’ll try again later. Thanks for all the work that went into making the site.

There is currently a small html coding error occurring with the redirect when the robot info. hasn’t been submitted into the database.

I cannot fix it from my current location. But it will be fixed promptly at 4:00 PM EST.

UPDATE: Apparently this is an isolated incident only affecting Internet Explorer… FIXED

Bump! everyone needs to do this

Current Stats:

Robots: 34
with pictures: 15

Please keep submitting your robots into the database.

Quentin Sheets

The site looks great!

One suggestion, and I’m not sure how hard this would be to do having no experience with websites, but something under the full team list page:
where it indicates whether a team had entered information about their bot, maybe a star, or bold or something.

Overall I really like the idea. This should really streamline scouting. Could be the next TBA!

Nice looking layout, I added a few things for our team. :slight_smile:

No support for Michigan events though (On the “scouting” page anyways)? :confused:

Added some info, no picture yet as we didn’t take one before bagging the robot, also we are changing somethings to become a dumper…

I added the info I know about. i wont post a picture tell after the first event. you will have to wait and see.

I like this, kinda like TheBlueAlliance of scouting.
I added a pic but I don’t think it is showing up. Can someone look up 342 and see if it loaded?

I checked and I don’t think it uploaded

I got it now, thanks. I think there is a problem with the url option, so I just uploaded a pic from my hard-drive.

This will be a great tool for all teams to use as a reference for scouting.
It’ll also hopefully help teams without scouts and rookie teams have a pool of information that would usually be out of their hands.
Great Job!

Being from Michigan myself, that’s the first thing I made sure was there… :slight_smile:

You may have missed the second selection box on the scouting page that is only Michigan events. :yikes:

I agree that it would be useful to have an indicator on the Robot Inventory page for each event showing which robots have info about them entered and which do not.

Otherwise, the site looks pretty useful!

For those of you who want an indicator, each event now has one. Links to Robot Inventory pages without information submitted to them are now highlighted in red as can be seen from this example:

You should add an option of propulsion and traction control to the movement part

turreted shooting might also be nice

Very nice!