FIRST Chesapeake is hiring

Positions have been posted on the FIRST Chesapeake website.

Is there a place to find more information on the new changes in the structure of FIRST Chesapeake?

There was a lot of good info in the letter that Stan Southworth sent last night.

Dear FIRST Chesapeake/VirginiaFIRST Family…

What an incredible competition season for FIRST Chesapeake FRC and VirginiaFIRST FTC teams! Each team, coach, mentor, parent and volunteer should be proud of all that you accomplished this past season. From the FIRST Tech Challenge technology upgrades to the inaugural FIRST Chesapeake District FRC Season, each of you worked through incredible change with Gracious Professionalism and have made 2015-2016 a FIRST season to remember!

And what can be more memorable than participating in the 2016 FIRST World Championship? FIRST Chesapeake FRC and VirginiaFIRST FTC teams competed and their quality showed:


FIRST Chesapeake FRC-
Team 1086- Blue Cheese- The 2016 FRC World Champions!
Chenelle Foster with Team 5830- The Irrational Engineers was named to the 2016 FRC Dean’s List!
Team 339- Kilroy Robotics won the Entrepreneurship Award in their Division!
Team 1885- ILite Robotics won the Industrial Design Award in their Division!
Team 540- Talon won the Entrepreneurship Award in their Division!
Team 1629- GaCo won the Team Spirit Award in their Division!
Team 1731- Fresta Valley Robotics was a Sub-Division Finalist in its Division!

Team 4924- Tuxedo Pandas won 1st Place Promote Award and 2nd Place Best Pit Design!


Now that the 2015-2016 season has successfully wrapped up, we are now beginning the process of preparing for the 2016-2017 season and we need your help. We need your assistance to identify potential new competition venues, serve on planning committees and provide expertise in improving competitions.

We are currently scouting competition locations for the 2017 FIRST Chesapeake FRC season. If you have a school or venue you would like to be considered as an FRC district competition site: please click the following link to give us basic information describing the location. There are only a few questions to start with and no single answer disqualifies a site for consideration. Please select the following link to provide us with your site suggestion(s):

We also need your personal reflections and suggestions about this past FIRST Chesapeake FRC District Season. We need your impressions on the season as a whole. If you could take just a few minutes to review the questions via the link below and provide your feedback, it will go a long way to help improve the planning process. Also, if you are willing to serve on a planning committee, there is information on how you can participate and make a positive difference:


As we transition from the 2016-2017 season, a number of changes are coming to VirginiaFIRST and FIRST Chesapeake:

Carol Edelman, VirginiaFIRST FTC Program Director and Sally Sylvester, FIRST Chesapeake FRC Program Director have both decided to not renew their contracts with VirginiaFIRST and will leave their program director roles as of June 30, 2016. Carol and Sally have provided exceptional leadership to the Virginia FTC and FRC programs, and we appreciate everything they have done to make FIRST programs available throughout our community. They have each left their personal imprint on our teams with their high quality service and attitude of caring that we will strive to continue.

Denise Lewis, FIRST Regional Director for Washington, D.C. and Anne Shade, FIRST Regional Director for Maryland will continue to serve in their current roles through the end of June when all FIRST Regional Director responsibility shifts to FIRST Chesapeake. I have spoken personally to Denise and Anne regarding their current roles, what new opportunities are coming available and how roles will evolve transitioning to FIRST Chesapeake. Denise and Anne have been instrumental in making the District Model work for FIRST Chesapeake and none of the success we have enjoyed this season could have been possible without their incredible dedication and hard work.

As a result of Sally and Carol’s decision, along with the shifting of FRC program support responsibilities to FIRST Chesapeake and our need to strengthen District Wide support for volunteer recruitment, four open roles are now immediately for hire. All of these roles can be found on the and websites:

VirginiaFIRST FTC Program Director:
FIRST Chesapeake Program Director- East
FIRST Chesapeake Program Director- West
Director of Community Engagement

You probably noticed that the FIRST Chesapeake FRC Program Director roles are now designated by East and West rather than by state. This is intentional. In order to continue the transformation of FIRST Chesapeake from a program delineated by state lines to a fully integrated district, each new FIRST Chesapeake FRC program director will be assigned teams that reside in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. While the full designation of teams into East and West areas has not yet been completed, I can assure you that we will strive to provide all teams with the highest quality customer service possible. We understand that teams need friendly, knowledgeable and helpful support and we will continue to strive to make service a hallmark of our work.

Now, I want to make a statement from the heart. Change is hard. We all understand that, and each of us has our individual way of managing change. I am asking each of you that have worked with the VirginiaFIRST FTC program and the FIRST Chesapeake FRC program to consider all that has been accomplished by the hard work of our teams, volunteers, coaches, mentors and staff. It has been an incredible year. I want to thank each of you for working together for the common goal of making viable FIRST programs available for our kids. Now as we continue our work with FTC in Virginia and FRC throughout our FIRST Chesapeake District, I ask each of you to consider us as one team and one family. We aren’t multiple states, former regions or past FIRST entities, rather we are now one FIRST family dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

It is now time to come together and join efforts to improve our ability to serve our kids. Whether you are a volunteer, a coach, a mentor, a parent, a team member, an alumni, a donor or a staff member, when we see what we can dream and do together it makes us more capable of making our next generation of students even stronger, smarter, more resilient and graciously professional.

I hope you will continue to support FIRST programs. If you have questions, concerns or just want to have a conversation, you are always welcome to contact me directly.

Best wishes for a productive off-season and dreams of kick-offs to come.

Stan Southworth
Executive Director
VirginiaFIRST/FIRST Chesapeake

Thanks for the info! I skipped over that email because somehow it is still showing as VirginiaFIRST in my email, even though it is from — fixing this now.

The Constant Contact info still shows as VirginiaFIRST and the facebook and twitter icons take you to the respective VirginiaFIRST pages. #OneFamily #OneOrganization