First Choice 2020 preview

Wholesome Marshall is unexpected Marshall. /s

But it’s true–in my year and a half working there, there were a LOT of Trello cards made and a LOT of staff time dedicated to ensure FIRST Choice was ready for action with inventory and code. There’s a reason that, outside of the inaugural year where there were maybe ten or twelve things to choose, FIRST Choice has not been a part of the AndyMark website itself. (Both sites do eventually feed into the same inventory management system, but that’s a different kettle of fish.)


fish, kettle, AndyMark, water game confirmed it’s early


Why is there almost a 2:1 price differential between the VexBros? Is the more expensive one IP65 rated?

Hmmm…I think I can opt out of the KOP to save up funds for one

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There’s nothing quite like having good test data.

I’m curious about the meaning of “fc-HWNEGL” (the product code for “Generic Game Piece”). I’m assuming it’s some acronym that probably is hilarious to its maker, as they expect to watch people try to decipher a game hint from it. Or is it some pop culture reference that I’m blissfully ignorant of? A quick web search didn’t give me any hints.

Hmmm… Rail road axles… Lifting game, or linear movement only? At only 5 Credits, I’ll have to get a few of those…

I suspect it’s because one does CAD, the other doesn’t.

VexDro has to split his time between working with your team and working on the GDC

Homing Pigeon. AndyMark will sell them along with the birdseed.

One of them doubles as an Instant Motivator. The other doesn’t. Surprised they aren’t selling Instant Motivators…


Caveat emptor – that red R2 unit has a bad motivator.


I took a look at the VexBros again. Maybe they are priced by the pound…

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Is anyone willing to pay $2500 for a Vexdro and tell everyone what happens.

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how many do you want?


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Actually, the text says the chess queen is NOT the 2020 game piece. I’m guessing Amidala will be a FIELD ELEMENT.

There were a hell of a lot more than 10 or 12 things. I had to stock all that ■■■■!

BTW Train wheels are the bomb. Glad I didn’t have to stock those.

Are you talking about 2011? I remember the FTC Mini Kit, then like three or four categories that had four things and you picked one.

I have slept since then, though.

Was 2011 officially FIRST Choice at AM, I thought it was 2012. But then again I’m old.

vex dro is 254 and 148 >> 2,541.48
vex bro is 4613 and 33 >> 4,613.33