FIRST Choice 2021 - Anything look good?

Pretty in line with the other KOP offerings this year. Mostly useful small stuff, but quite a few FIRST garage sale items.

Flex Tape.


I am 2021 sad

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Also the best thing I saw.
Roborio for 200 is ok but there are only 395 available
I do like the je plg motor for 20

Lots of electrical tape. And Fuel Cells, my goodness yes Fuel cells.
Green Loctite. My favorite stuff.

I noticed across-the- board quantity limits, and I think we know who to thank for those.


How many points do we get?

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1310 credits. One round (and then open ordering).

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1310 seems like a lot. Where’d you find this?

Edit: never mind - found it. “MY CREDITS” at the top of the FIRST Choice site…

How does open ordering work? Are you able to use any un-spent credits on whatever is left over?

Yep exactly like that. No need to wait, just add to cart and spend credits

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Two different model Fluke multimeters, each only 200 points. Great value there, particularly if you don’t already have one.

Tons of great low-cost items that teams can never have too much of, even if they’re not as thrilling as big ticket speed controllers or motors. Heat shrink, SB50 connectors, urethane flat belting, VHB, tape, etc.


I was hoping we’d see maybe a timing device to use in the skills challenges, a tripod for mounting a camera or phone for taking video, or other things that would be helpful for the new kinds of challenges. Alas, nothing like that, mostly the same-old, same-old.


I was thinking some flat upper targets would be nice too. Also, no Romi bots :sob:


And a lot more available than previous years, in case your luck ran out then.

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