FIRST Choice 3D Printer Lottery

We received notification this morning that we got a 3D Printer in the Lottery.

The order you placed for the 3d Printer Lottery has been changed, so there is nothing more you need to do besides wait for your shipment.

Your team is getting the 3D Printer - MakerGear M2 Kit & Material (fc14-113)

You can learn more about it on it’s FIRST Choice page:

Just wondering who else got a 3D Printer and which one you will receive.

we are getting the replicator 2 :slight_smile:

We got the Cube even though that was our third choice.

Did the printers sell out? Did anyone get notified that they did not get one?

The printers did not sell out. There are still 245 Cube printers left according to the website.

Does that mean the prices will be reduced?

I just checked, and we also received notification that our 3D Printer order has been successfully processed. For anyone looking or waiting for their confirmation/status, ours was sent at about 11:30am EST, this morning.

Same here, unfortunately. Now to find a way to bypass the overpriced filament cartridges. >_>

We got a Replicator 2!

Absolutely thrilled!

Possible, and up to AndyMark as noted in the lottery rules. If point values on the remaining printers are dropped below 600 points, any team that entered the lottery will receive a point refund for the difference. I would expect any point drop to occur before FIRST Choice opens again on Kickoff.

With many teams already using 150 credits, they would not be able to spend more than the 450 credits they get on kickoff. This likely means that any reductions would be to 450 (or fewer) credits to make sure teams still have the opportunity to receive a printer.

We are getting the M2 (our second choice).

Gus received our third choice, too. The Cube.
Congrats to the lucky teams that scored the M2s and Replicator2s!
This was an incredible opportunity that was secured on behalf on FIRST. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Any 3D printer that only cost a team $40 in shipping is a gift. It was definitely worth spending our FC points.

We got the cube… still a 1200 dollar machine. I’m happy that we were at least able to get one!

We got the Replicator 2, and we were wondering how to get the corresponding software for it. If anyone could tell us, it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

yes, the printers MAY go down in credit price. here is the quote from the KOP team…

"If demand << inventory, everyone who selected the printer will be sent a printer (applying preferences as much as possible), and any remaining printers will remain in FIRST Choice. If inventory continues to remain, we may consider decreasing the number of credits required at Kickoff. In this case, teams who had already selected printers will be reimbursed the credit difference. "

Hey, just thought this would be a useful link for anyone who got an M2.

57 got the MakerGear M2, our first choice. Sounds like we won the preference lottery.

For those winning the cube, here’s a possible workaround:
Though I’ve seen somewhere that it only works with a certain firmware version.

Our team won a Cube 3D printer. I was just wondering whats so bad about them compared to a Makerbot? Or is there anything.
Just based on these post I’m getting the idea cube printers are not as good or wanted. Why is that.