First Choice by AndyMark LIVE!

I call dibs on the Torque Generator.


Somebody at AndyMark has way too much fun putting their test data together each year.


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Huh. Under certain conditions, the battery magic juice can have the consistency of water, which makes next year’s game pretty obvious.


@AndyMark, I may have a use for all of the throttle motor blowers.

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Be aware, this is just a drawing that we will be sending, not a real arm, in fact, we’re just going to send you a link to the image to print on your own printer.


This will be the must-have item for top-tier elite teams. With specs like these, how can you possible lose? Ironman levels of Stall Current, and Weight spec’d to nearest 100 nanopounds.

Torque generators are also known as


The plasma is contained in the small clearance between mechanical commutator segments and brushes, and forms due to high electric field intensity when the brushes are connected to sufficient voltage. More up-to-date motors go beyond plasma technology (AKA sparking) by using minority carrier injection in semiconductor junctions instead. No air, no sparks, no problem.

Man, can’t believe the Clavicles didn’t make the list this year.


That farady cage lid will be just the thing to protect our radio from bumps and unintended disconnects. :slight_smile:

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5g protection wifi guard, someone watches LTT :stuck_out_tongue:

you might have to fight @Ryan_Dognaux for them :rofl:


This title made me think they were planning to do a LIVE reveal show of FIRST Choice this year kind of of like a Home Shopping Network sort of thing.


@Tyler_Olds this would be a great FUN segment! I get asked all the time what could you use X for. It would also good to get some reviews as some of the items have been easier to use other cheap alternatives.


Quality japes!

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That would be really helpful, and has me consider a possible challenge for someone. Making mechanisms in the vein of Rev’s excellent FTC Kickoff-Concepts series using only stock metal (or extrusion) and First Choice items.

In our first year, we did not really know where to begin with First Choice. We knew how to do it, but not what to get.

I completely agree. There are many low resource teams that (try to) use FIRST Choice as a significant portion of the parts they use on their competition robot.

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We could definitely do something for this. We’ve done FIRST Choice shows in the past with AndyMark and I think it would be prudent to look into another one.


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