FIRST Choice - credits


I am mentoring a rookie team this year for FRC, is there information about how the “credits” work for rookie teams and if it is important to be on the “Priority List”, what happens if we are not on the Priority List ?


FIRST Choice is an extra bit to the KoP where you get more choice (hah!) in what you receive.

I’d advise you read ASAP

Then get your password from TIMS and go to to make your priority list.

For a rookie, this: is a good start. After that I’d add more motor controllers (fc15-034, fc15-118, fc15-019), then the Snow Blower Motor and Seat Motor (fc15-003 and fc15-037) and tools such as the multimeter etc (if you don’t already have them).

Get this done ASAP as it will close in a little over three hours.

Thanks for the info timytamy.

I’ll second timytamy.

It’s very important to get your Priority List done before noon ET.
It’s free components that you will probably be buying later if you don’t join the lottery for the free stuff now.
Afterwards there will be little enough left to pick through.

If you don’t get the priority list figured out prior to noon…all hope is not lost.

You’ll just be picking through what is left from the other teams.

The list posted by timytamy is an excellent start for a rookie team.

Keep in mind you’re going to want to add more than the 600 credits to your list. If your first choices are 4 Victor 888s (200 credits), and they’re out when you get pulled, you’re going to end up with 200 credits remaining. So ideally you want your list to be 1000+ credits (I think they recommend 2000 somewhere).

If you don’t have time to fill the list, here’s a short list of things that would be particularly useful to a rookie team.

fc15-008 battery (qty 3)
fc15-005 charger (qty 2)
fc15-013 solenoid (qty 2)
fc15-030 port saver (qty 1)
fc15-033 ring light (qty 1)
fc15-036 Velcro (qty 1)
fc15-056 DMM (qty 1)
fc15-064 joystick (qty 2)
fc15-067 pneumatic fittings (qty 1)
fc15-118 black jaguar (qty 3)
fc15-112 spike (qty 4)
fc15-113 pressure switch (qty 1)

Keep in mind the quantity limits…