FIRST Choice- Getting Started

I wanted to make sure we’re ready for FIRST Choice this year. (We didn’t use it as effectively as we could have last year, so this deserves some extra effort from our team.) So, I found this page that says we start by getting our FIRST Choice password from our team’s TIMS account.

We checked our account last night, and can’t find any mention of FIRST Choice. Do we not get a password until FIRST Choice is open for viewing 11/12? I would have at least expected a placeholder, saying when the password will be available. Or was I doing something wrong, looking in the wrong place?

The password will pop up on the right side sometime between now and the Dec 12th.

Last year you did not need a password to preview the parts only to order.

Last year the FIRST Choice password was visible to your teams main and alternate contact in TIMs on the right side the screen. It looked just like the “Missing Parts Request” and “Q&A System Login” boxes that currently reside on the right side of the screen in TIMs. It wasn’t until FIRST Choice was open for ordering that the login information was available. I would assume it will be the same again this year.