FIRST Choice Opening Date and Time?

I thought I read that FIRST Choice would be opening today, but perhaps I am mistaken about that. Does anyone have the definitive date and time for this year?

I heard it opened on the 22nd, but looking at the website it says it opens on the 18th.

says round 1 opens 11/22

What opened today was the Virtual Kit (vouchers/passwords)

While it appears from the KOP posts that FIRST Choice opens on 11/22 for ordering, what I don’t see is the opening for review of which parts are available. Any idea when that the page will open for view?

You might be confusing the release date for the virtual kit vouchers, which came out today (I can see our team’s voucher codes on the FIRST dashboard now).

You’re seeing the Jan 18 date for open ordering.

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are we getting close yet?

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Edit: as of 1206 its fixed

As of 1205 EST im not seeing any products but I DO have credits? Is this what others are experiencing?

Seeing that as well

whelp. no falcons

There is fuel though! What else could you want!
These may even be next year’s game piece.

I’m new to FC. I understand the joke with the fuel.
But what’s with the exercise balls?

The 2014 game piece were exercise balls, so I’m assuming AndyMark just had a bunch of extras for some reason.

If you want fuel just buy anything from Andymark as they have used fuel for packaging material :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s from FTC, I didn’t look at the product

I don’t think it’ll be used next year, but I would love it if our fuel collection from 2017 actually got some use in a future game. Right now it’s filling up a 2015 can.

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Look closer and you’ll see “FIRST Tech Challenge” printed on them. Because they were used in the 2016-2017 game, Velocity Vortex.

Source: Was up to my neck in them at one point.

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